She kept us all connected

NORMA JEAN THOMPSON April 24, 1934-March 7, 2013

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Spending a lifetime as a devoted wife, mother and grandmother is a small snapshot into why my mom is special to me. We shared a special bond. I would start thinking of her and the phone would ring and it would be her calling. I would call her and she would say, “I was just thinking about you.” We shared an appreciation of all things great and small, from great travel spots to the rabbits and birds in the backyard. We laughed together and cried together all throughout our lives at the passing of friends, family members and even my pets. She held us all up when we needed it. She kept us all connected no matter how far I would go from home. She never overlooked a birthday nor an anniversary, no matter how big our family grew. She always knew the importance of all us to one another, and made it her lifelong mission to make sure we understood it too.

She did more than her part in the community. She lived to work locally, raise her children and put her thumbprint on many a grandchild, pushing us all to be people who contribute to the world we live in in a positive way. The love and discipline that my mother instilled in me is something for which I’ll be forever grateful. –Sandy Harris, daughter

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