She fought like a girl but lost

VIVIAN EDNA MCGINNIS Jun 26, 1959 – Aug. 7, 2013

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She fought like a girl but lost. My beautiful daughter, Vivian Edna (Raridon) McGinnis, was born June 26, 1959 to Richard and Evelyn (Bumgardner) Raridon of Middletown. She went to school at Middletown for two years, then attended Chester East Lincoln for seven years. Her parents moved to San Antonio, Texas, where she attended MacArthur High School her freshman year.

The family moved back to Illinois during the summer and settled in Mason City, where she graduated from high school. She married Dale McGinnis Aug. 17, 1979. They had two children and eventually had three grandchildren. Vivian was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy on Feb. 2, 2011. She went through all the treatments (chemo and radiation). She was told she was cured. She had almost two years of being OK, able to work and enjoy the grandchildren.

Thanksgiving of 2012 she got ill and was taken to the hospital where they diagnosed appendicitis and was taken from Lincoln Hospital to Memorial in Springfield for surgery. Later the next week Dr. Hammer called her to come in to his office so he could talk to her. He told her that there was cancer on the appendix. She went to her doctor and started treatment again. Things did not go so well this time as it has spread to liver and bones.

She took treatment until June or July when she had to be admitted to the hospital and at that time she was put in hospice care. She passed away on Aug. 7, 2013.

She is greatly missed by all the family and all of her customers at Walgreens in Lincoln. We had a celebration of life for her the end of August and had more than 150 people attend. She was very kind to all of the customers and took time to visit. I miss her very much as I am sure other people do. –Evelyn Koke, mother

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