It's early, yes, nearly two years out from Election Day. Only a fool would declare intentions at this point – give the incumbent a chance to drown or swim. But with Gov. JB Pritzker facing a $4 billion budget hole and Michael Madigan stuck to his shoe and signature initiatives flaming out – see the progressive tax proposal and cannabis legalization – it's not too early to speculate, particularly in the age of coronavirus when, no matter what a governor says or does, it's wrong. WBEZ radio in Chicago recently threw out a list of GOP'ers who might be interested in taking Pritzker's job. Some, and we're looking at you Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, have as much chance at statewide office, we figure, as Jeanne Ives or Jim Oberweis. The station also noted that former Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington, who recently resigned, didn't rule out future public employment, but he's already tried three times for the governor's post. U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, seems a more likely scenario, especially if he gets screwed during redistricting. Who we're really interested in is U.S. attorney John Milhiser, who isn't a career prosecutor and is an R with a D coming into the White House. Milhiser has appeal on both sides of the aisle – he isn't necessarily toast. It might not be for governor, but who'd be surprised if he ends up on a ballot two years from now?

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