Settlement in Carlock case near

County to pay nearly $2.6 million

Sangamon County taxpayers will pay $2.575 million to the family of Amon Paul Carlock, an accused pedophile who died in the Sangamon County jail awaiting trial nearly eight years ago, under a settlement offer approved Monday night by the civil liability committee of the Sangamon County Board, which is expected to take a final vote to approve the settlement on Wednesday.
The settlement, which comes with no admission of fault, is on top of more than $2.5 million that the county has spent to defend the case. The county has long insisted that sheriff's employees did nothing wrong, and sheriff Neil Williamson maintained that stance after Monday's committee meeting.
"We maintain that we did nothing wrong," Williamson said. "We always thought we would prevail."
Then why settle?
A trial, Williamson said, would only add to the cost, and it is impossible to accurately predict an outcome if the county had pressed on.
"It's a cost-effective thing," the sheriff said.
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