my friend gary once student emails

"Larry REALLY REALLY misses shopping.

We store our food on shelves in the

basement I said I'd tape price stickers

on the items and sit behind a little desk

with my calculator and he could peruse

the shelves pick out food pay me for it

and I'd bag it for him. He wanted to know

if I was going to price gouge him. I said

there'd be a whole price range of items.

12 cents for a can of oyster soup (ugh),

3 cents for a can of spam, and all the way

up to 13 dollars for a can of chili (yum)

9 dollars for a bottle of jalapenos. He

decided not to play shopping, but we both

got a big laugh" nancy another former

student wrote him the game might relieve

her husband's boredom: "Let's do Laundry"

and "Let's do Dishes" were falling pretty flat.

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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