Plenty of previously popular local bands have reunited, but it’s hard to imagine a more anticipated and requested reunion than this one from Secret Society. The group started out bucking contemporary music trends in 1989 when Doug Kirk (bass), Brian Curtis (keyboards), Howard Freitag (guitar) and Jim Engel (drums) “got together and started a prog rock band.” With all the members being extremely exceptional musicians and vocalists, the group’s set list included songs by Queen, Todd Rundgren, Yes, Zappa, Supertramp and many others requiring a high degree of musicality to perform. Over the next few years, the band persevered with a few personnel changes including the early addition of lead vocalist Tim Lacy and later member swaps of Jim Cloney (bass) and Chris Noonan (drums). After fielding reunion requests for some 25 years, the guys decided the only way to do it right was to bring all seven musicians together, rehearse for a week, then knock it out like they always did, no holds barred, all for the good of the song.

Secret Society ReUnion
Saturday, June 1, 7pm
The Blue Grouch

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