Science will find the cure. The arts will heal.

A ghost light is an electric light that is left on the stage of a darkened theater after a show. It typically consists of an exposed bulb in a wire cage on a portable light stand and is usually placed near center stage. Although a ghost light has a practical use in dark, windowless theaters, with nooks and crannies and deep orchestra pits in which to fall, there are also a number of superstitions associated with the origin and purpose of the lights. Some believe that theaters are full of the spirits of those who have trod the boards before and a ghost light is placed to appease them and welcome them back to perform on stage once again. Others believe the lights are placed to ward off spirits of ill intent. Members of The Legacy Theatre's performing corps hold the former view and they have been stepping onto the theater's darkened stage to record a series of ghost light songs – songs they believe will help lift your spirit or provide a laugh. Video recordings of the performances are uploaded each weekday on the theater's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Ghostlight Songs
The Legacy Theatre
Online on Facebook and Instagram
101 E. Lawrence Ave.

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