Santa's elf at White Oaks Mall sent us this story: "Someone had given Santa an Xbox Switch to give to a child. Last week a boy came in with his parents. Santa asked him what he'd like for Christmas. He said he'd like for his mom not to work so hard. Santa asked if there was something else. The boy said he'd really like an Xbox Switch but he knew they cost a lot of money and his parents couldn't afford it.

"Santa told a crew member to go to his dressing room and get the black bag on the shelf while he visited with the boy. When they returned with the bag, Santa gave it to the dad and told him it was for his son. Dad peeked inside and saw the Switch. The tears started to flow and he showed it to Mom. They asked if Santa was sure and asked if they could show the boy. They did and everyone there was crying."

Santa received the following email from Mom: "Dear Santa: The other night you gave my son a huge gift when we came to see you. I wanted to let you know how much it meant to us and our son, not only because of what the gift was, but because you saw that he can be a good sweet boy."The mother explained difficulties the family had had over the past year, resulting in behavior problems for their son: He "had been a perfect kid, no bad days ever at school, but all this going on this year the teacher has kinda labeled him as a problem. Since the other night, he has had all green days at school. Before he tells anyone about the Xbox, he tells them that Santa knew he was good inside."

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