SAA Collective moving to new location downtown

With the Hoogland Center for the Arts still closed for the foreseeable future, the SAA Collective is relocating its gallery to 105 N. Fifth St. in the historic Broadwell Pharmacy building. The Prairie Art Alliance, the precursor to the SAA Collective, was one of the first organizations to join the Hoogland Center for the Arts as part of the concept to bring all the arts together under one roof.

“Sadly, the physical layout of the building, with no street access, always hindered traffic,” said SAA executive director Betsy Dollar. “With the long-term closures of theaters as a result of COVID, we had to find a place that people could access, especially for the holidays.”

The SAA Collective will have street level space that previously housed a photography studio, as well as the basement underneath, totaling approximately 1,200 square feet. Dollar said the goal is to have at least the main floor ready for the first Old Capitol Holiday Walk on Nov. 14.

Then in December, the plan is to hold the annual exhibition for members of SAA Collective. “This year, the 72 member artists will fill both the new space downtown and the M.G. Nelson Gallery on the SAA campus,” Dollar said. New works of fine art will be mixed with artist-made holiday ornaments and décor.

“We are excited to be right downtown and hope that we can be a positive influence in the regeneration of downtown in the years to come,” she said.

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