The Springfield Art Association always seems to know how to entertain us and keep our creative juices flowing. With the start of the new year, it has remained true to form and is offering classes to help you push your artistic envelope. In the upcoming weeks you can learn the basic skills of flameworking with which you can make beads, pendants or sculptures. SAA resident glassblower Mario Clarke will also help you try your hand at glassblowing to make a straight-walled cup, bowl or an avoglio vase in the Glassblowing I class. That class will set you up for the trickier work of the Intermediate Glassblowing class. Finally, instructor Lee Bhenke will lead a class making geometric stained-glass lampshades. That class does have a prerequisite, so be sure to check into it before signing up. All of the classes meet weekly for eight weeks and, in addition to the class fee, you may need to purchase some supplies. Visit the website at or call for more information.

Glass classes
Eight-week classes
beginning in January
Springfield Art Association
700 N. Fourth St.

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