I found an essay my sister wrote when she
was a college freshman her prof must have
asked for an autobiography it is of course
interesting to me for we shared the same
childhood and some of the same memories
I find it telling how certain things were strong
enough for both of us to have later written
them down one such is that our father sowed
the yard of our new farmhouse to rye I recall
it was timothy but pat’s essay says rye well
close enough anyway he did it for a nurse
crop but it killed the new grass rather than
nursing it now why did we both single out
this item when there are a thousand others
you’d think more memorable pat writes
“we had to battle our way through the rye
to the front door” maybe it’s because we
didn’t know anyone else whose yard came
up to their chins she ends her essay nicely
I feel I am halfway between childhood and
adulthood if I hang on tight I’ll come out
of one and go into the other right side up
the paper has no grade I’d give it an A

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