Get your kicks (and your kitsch!) on the most famous highway in the U.S.

Photo courtesy Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

Historic Route 66 goes right through the heart of Springfield. For a complete listing of Route 66 stops in the area visit

International Route 66 Mother Road Festival
September 27-29, 2019
866-783-6645 •
Each year hundreds of cars and spectators travel to downtown Springfield for live music, entertainment, and to simply cruise. This family friendly event celebrates all things Route 66.

The Ace Sign Company Antique Sign Museum
2540 S. 1st St.
Ace Sign Company is a 75+ year old family company. The museum has a large collection of signs, featuring neon signs and local Route 66 historic signage.

Cozy Dog Drive In
2935 S. 6th St.
The restaurant is a shrine to Route 66 and to itself, packed with mementos, clippings, and old signs, as well as with Mother Road souvenirs for sale.

Lauterbach Giant
1569 Wabash Ave.
Lauterbach Tire and Auto Service has a fiberglass “muffler man” giant standing in the parking lot. He was recently upgraded to be more patriotic with a U.S. flag.

Mahan’s Filling Station
1168 Sangamon Ave.
A unique example of the earliest of gas stations, is now on display at Fulgenzi’s Pizza & Pasta located across from the Historic Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. The roadside attraction is now accessible as a great photo and souvenir opportunity for Route 66 visitors.

Maid Rite
118 N. Pasfield
This friendly, quaint, original old-school diner was built in 1921, one of only a few remaining Maid Rite franchises. You can still get a steamed “Loose Meat Sandwich” on super soft bread and a tasty root beer float. The Springfield location on the old Route 66 is also credited with being the first fast food drive-thru in America.

Route 66 Motorheads Bar and Grill
600 Toronto Rd
Not only are we home to one of the coolest restaurants & bars you have ever seen, we are also home to a Route 66 museum showcasing some of Springfield’s historic past. A great place for lovers of Route 66, Old Cars and Vintage Signs.

Route 66 Twin Drive In Theatre
1700 Recreation Dr.
The remodeled twin drive-in, located on Route 66 in Springfield, is next to Knights Action Park. Enjoy affordable family fun with concessions and double features on both screens. Open April through September — show starts at dusk.

The Curve Inn
3219 S. 6th St. Rd.
The Curve Inn opened on Route 66 south of Springfield in 1945. The original owner, Guido Manci, served the public in the main tavern area, while “special” customers could ring a buzzer at the bottom of the back stairs to gain entrance to the gambling parlor on the upper floor. It was inducted into the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame in 2007.

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