A native of North Carolina, this rock-solid, deep-roots musician of the finest degree travels far and wide to make his music matter. Ross spent time in Nashville touring and recording with some well-known and respected country business names for years. He soon migrated up to Sparta, Illinois, on a regular basis, playing on several recordings by producer and musician Gary Gordon. Some years ago, the adventures of Ross Sermons took the bassist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and Guy Clark tribute artist to the land down under for a stay in Australia. This summer he’s back for a U.S. tour, hitting old haunts and new joints on the way. Along with his exceptional interpretation of the Guy Clark catalog, Ross weaves his own tunes into the set. They’re folk/blues based with country/bluegrass touches, all done with the sound-infused, music magic that inhabits the mind, body and soul of this deeply talented musician. He’s also known as the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, which makes it all the easier to enjoy.

Ross Sermons
Saturday, July 20, 7pm
HIckory Ridge Concerts
Dickson Mounds Museum

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