Rosemarie Long, Sangamon County Republican Chair, has died

Rosemarie Long

Sangamon County Republican Chair Rosemarie Long has died according to a press release sent out Wednesday night on behalf of the Republican Party of Sangamon County.

Long was a member of the Sangamon County Board for 17 years, six of them as vice-chair, according to the county party’s website. She was also President of the Northend Republican Club and a member of the WWII Illinois Veterans Memorial Committee. Long had begun her career in politics campaigning for local races, from townships to citywide and county offices.

Long told The State Journal-Register in November that she and her husband had tested positive for COVID-19. 

The following is a statement from the Republican Party of Sangamon County:

“Our heart breaks in confirming the death of the Chairman of our Party, Rosemarie F. Long.

Rosemarie was a happy warrior for family, for faith, and for country. A warrior with no enemies. A partisan who bore no ill will. Her greatest delight was in supporting the efforts of others, especially younger people who shared her values.

Never one for grandstanding, Rose recruited, encouraged, championed and counselled so many of our most able community leaders. Rose restored our party’s finances and championed the purchase of the first party headquarters we could call our own.

Rose’s guileless good nature gifted her with an infectious laugh with which she could always soften life’s sharp edges. We miss that, now, when we need it most.

Lest some partisan mistake the facts, Rose was scrupulous in observing all the COVID precautions and insisted that our office do the same. Her death, just as we begin to climb out of this nightmare, is a heavy reminder, to us all, of the painful cost of this scourge.

As a party, as a community we reach our arms around Rose’s husband, Jack, and her wonderful family.

We will provide further information when it is available to us.”

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