"This shed we are building is 38 feet wide by

140 feet long on the west side of the cow yard, 

open on the other side. We're calling it

"The Ladies Lounge." We need more room 

to handle the big cows in the number we need. 

We're not using the round barn much for

night housing in winter only enough of the  

little cows to keep the place from freezing up. 

We milk two shifts, from 80 to 100 cows,

and get from 2500 to 3500 pounds per day,  

depending on the number milked. The cows 

are considerably better than they used to be, 

due to American Breeders Service, I guess.

Erv is shingling the Lounge; he says 

it's like peeing in the ocean."

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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