I found a baby squirrel on a hot parking lot,
took it back to the office, fed it some crackers
and milk and bedded it down in the secretary's
desk drawer. When Helen opened the drawer she
saw his tail and took off like a rocket. It really
shouldn't bother her for she does run a trap line
for mice in the office. I let her keep the hides.

.... continued 09/11/1959:
Our squirrel, Yard Bird, isn't doing well.
I am appealing to the local radio station;
they are asking every hour on the hour for
anyone who knows the butterfat percentage
of squirrel milk to call in, it is a matter of
life and death. That will soon get results!

.... continued 09/12/1959:
Yard Bird is home now living in a waste
basket, fed by Mommy. Last night dozing
off she murmured, "I hope there aren't any
little animals uncomfortable anywhere."
What critter could get better comfort?

2023 Jacqueline Jackson

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