Ron Dougan on politics 03/20/1960 

I read a statement by Kennedy in which he says

we must have higher social security benefits,

higher old age benefits, higher medical benefits, 

and all hamsters must be protected from want!

Oh yes, farmers ought to get what's coming to  

them, and I couldn't agree more. I forgot to apply  

for my gas refund for non-highway vehicles and

lost 100 dollars. This is a legitimate refund, for

the gas taxes are supposed to go for highway

maintenance and extension, but tractors shouldn't  

help pay for it. I told the tax clerk I didn't begrudge  

the $100 because it offsets some of the nice things

the taxpayers are doing for me, a farmer – 3/4 the 

cost of ponds, for instance, free trees for tree belts, 

half the cost of limestone which I would buy anyway

and last but not least, the floor under prices.

2023 Jacqueline Jackson

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