Rachel and Zachary Rambach have children who go to Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. Unlike District 186, Springfield parochial schools are conducting in-person classes. The Rambachs said while they feel assured that safety precautions are being taken, they're also ready for their kids to return to remote learning if public health measures call for it. Their new business is meant to provide a space for remote learning away from home. Rachel is a music therapist. Zachary owns an insurance agency. They've just opened their new endeavor that offers rentable space for students to study and/or get help from tutors and teachers. The Learning Annex,1230 Centre West Dr., also provides rooms teachers can rent to do virtual lessons and other work.. The Rambachs say rooms will be sanitized in between use and masks are required in common spaces. Zachary said he has family members who are educators. "We appreciate and understand everything that everyone is going through and the sacrifices they are making," he said.

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