There’s nothing like making music with close relatives, an experience relished by Relativity, the Hofstrand family cover band from Rochester. With dad Damon on the drums and his sons Reese and Troy on guitar and vocals, plus Clark, the youngest of the clan, covering bass, they’ve been out playing open mics for years before graduating to the club scene. Now even as Reese attends medical school, Troy starts college and Clark spends his days in high school, the Hofstrands are gigging steady. Last weekend they played Crows MIll Pub, and on Sept. 14 you can catch the family in action during the Scott County Farm Aid in Winchester. Plus, look for them in costume at the Boo Crew Haunted House in October. As one might imagine, the combo’s set list spans generations and genres, just like the band mates, covering songs from Pearl Jam to Bruno Mars and beyond. The guys are also working on a recording, so be on the lookout for a CD soon…and maybe a manager named Reuben Kincaid?

Saturday, Sept. 7, 3-6pm
A.J.’s Corner, Chatham

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