If you have burned-out Christmas lights, don't throw them in the trash. Recycle them.  Thanks to BLH Computers, in collaboration with units of local government, there are several drop-off sites in Springfield and surrounding communities. You can recycle your Christmas lights in drop boxes at Springfield City Hall/Municipal Center West (300 S. Seventh St.),  Springfield's Lincoln Library (326 S. Sevent St.), Rochester Library (1 Community Drive), Chatham Library (600 E. Spruce St.), Leland Grove Police Department (2000 Chatham Road) and BLH recycling centers in Springfield (1832 Stevenson Dr.), Jacksonville (832 Main St.) and Taylorville (123 W. Main Cross St.). Drop-off sites are open during normal business hours and will extend at least a month into the new year.  BLH will chop up and recycle the materials. The metal is then melted and reintroduced into the manufacturing supply stream. Recycling has an extra benefit -- BLH is donating all proceeds from recycling to the Rotary Club of Springfield Sunrise for its local philanthropies which help kids in our community. For more information, contact BLH Computers at 217-585-1580.

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