readingpoem #7           

A recent letter from my sister, Pat,
relates this tale about our oldest 
sister Joan as a kid.
joan read all the time – do you recall
when we were parked in front of the 
post office I don’t remember quite 
how it began but I have a clear picture 
of our sister emerging from the p.o. her 
eyes on the book feeling with her feet
her way down the steps never taking her 
eyes away from the pages in front of her 
and then watching her walk toward our
car still reading crossing the sidewalk
coming to the curb and with one hand 
holding the book in front of her face
groping with her other hand for the 
car door handle then yanking the door 
open the only problem was she had felt 
her way to the car closely parked behind 
us where the owner had been sitting in his 
front seat leaning his elbow on the window 
sill watching joan approach with her arm
outstretched like a blind man – when she 
grabbed the handle and pulled, the amused 
man either pretended to fall out of his car
or really did fall out only then did joan
take her eyes off the book she was reading 

2011 Jacqueline Jackson

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