Jump into the Wayback Machine and you can hear Gov. Bruce Rauner, then a candidate, make his point loud and clear: “I want to make Illinois government the most efficient, transparent (state government) in America,” Rauner said in 2014. After winning office, Rauner doubled down. “We’ve got to change that culture and be more responsive,” Rauner said in 2015, when a reporter asked him about a backlog of appeals of Freedom of Information Act request denials in the attorney general’s office, which referees FOIA disputes. Now comes this: On Dec. 27, Rauner’s office was hit by the attorney general for refusing to respond, in any way, to a request for a log of FOIA requests received by his office. Not only didn’t the governor respond to the person who asked for the log, Rauner blew off the attorney general, not responding to two requests from the AG about the matter after the requester asked for help from the attorney general in September. And so the AG late last month issued a binding opinion, directing Rauner to quit breaking the law and at least respond when someone asks for records. Try blaming Mike Madigan for this one, governor. At least when it comes to FOIA requests directed to your office, you are in charge.

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