Proposal: Less talk and more work

Invest time and effort in Springfield

After all is said and done, more is said than done. –Aesop

I watch with wonder and frustration as our city leaders, our media pundits and people of many special interest groups compete for the opportunity to voice their opinions on what is wrong. What is not fair. What is unjust. What is ideologically corrupt and contemptible. I see blame being pointed at both parties, big business, our ancestors, the founding fathers and even God himself, and his churches. I see and hear our city council in a circular firing squad, jockeying for a position that appears to lead nowhere other than where we have always been. How would we even know if we were making progress towards equality and justice and prosperity?

What I see that is missing is a shared vision of where we want to go. Who do we want to be as a people? How do we want to "serve" our community? What I see that is missing is the commitment to change our behaviors in order to change our results. I see people who advocate for change, as long as they do not have to invest in that change. I see a society that is so polarized that there are only two options to consider, Republican or Democrat, progressive or conservative, right or left.

What if we considered a city where the leaders actually provided a vision for maximizing our resources, for the good of the whole? A community where we reach out to businesses leaders, education leaders, social services advocates and special interest groups to draft a vision that is good for all constituents. Governing should not be a zero-sum game where in order for me to win, you have to lose. But in order for all of us to win, we all have to invest. We have to invest with our time, effort, taxes and consideration of our neighbors. I believe that the people of our city are intrinsically good, and that we have potential to be a community that shares opportunity and prosperity. Less talk and more work.

Len Naumovich is the founder and president of Primo Designs. He was born, raised, educated, married and has raised his family in Springfield. He has participated in the relationship between business and the community and is considering public service as a way to challenge himself to say less and do more. Contact him at

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