prom dresses poem #1

enter the downtown Y folks and be
dazzled by the bedazzling display of
prom dresses white gold black silver
every rainbow hue some plain some
patterned choose from slink to poof
how about yellow bouffant strapless or
demure silk satin tulle crepe you name
it (no burlap) bangley sparkly sequinsy
why here in the Y? well these are for
teens needing prom attire prom is a
killing expense nowadays in my youth
mom and her out-of-area friends had
a round robin of dresses circling so
we always wore a “new” one exciting
when the long box came in the mail
you seldom questioned your moms’
friends’ tastes a few pins made it fit we
had many formal dances Hi-Y Rotcy
Glee Club every org put on its ball
high school gym themed transformed
no expensive dinners before no rented
tuxes for the boys a gardenia corsage
you were dizzy with its heavy scent I
asked for daisies with my favorite gown
a kind of patterned cotton spring green
white daisies yellow centers it’s still in
my attic yes it went the rounds was worn
by distant belles but traveled home again
prom well prom was maybe special but
with both a jr prom a sr prom not the
big deal it now is so I huzzah the Y its rack
of wonders clothing our beauteous babes

©2016 Jacqueline Jackson

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