saltina a vietnamese potbellied

pig once popular as pets she

was little cute grunty had had milky

oatmeal for breakfast as had I

when I stayed overnight with a

once-neighbor on a cross country

trip my laden purse was open on the

floor I looked down saw salty nosing

through the contents – papers wallet

keys etc with her dripping milky snout

recently I learned of salty's adult life

at first she'd eaten a special import to

keep pigs lean but ohio ran out so salty

grew to 300 pounds on free day-old

bakery eclairs banana breads etc – a

monstrous mound in the living room

butchers couldn't take her – she was a

"protected pet" she finally was accepted

at a soap factory thus ends saltina's story

a happy life with finale in worthwhile use

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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