the institution where once I so
proudly taught has introduced a minor
called liberty studies partly funded by
the koch brothers urbana turned it down
but not us are we so desperate for dough?
in the article a senior student is quoted:
“Nobody will be forced to earn a minor in
liberty studies, concerns about academic
freedom and critical thinking in the
program might be overblown, given
that most UIS students take a pragmatic
approach to their studies and rarely
speak up in class. They know if they
don’t say anything, the course is over
faster and they can leave sooner.” Ah
me – in 1970 we began with such ideals
my students and those of other profs
couldn’t wait to get to class they stayed
beyond the allotted time we couldn’t
shut them up how far we have fallen
are the koch brothers the new salvation
for education? our state of ill sure ain’t

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