Months and perhaps years go into planning your special wedding day.  Afterwards, guests talk about the happy couple, beautiful bride, proud parents, meaningful ceremony and enjoyable reception. Unfortunately, sometimes guests also talk about never receiving a thank you note for a wedding present. That’s not what you want family and friends to remember about your wedding.

It is certainly good manners to say thank you for a gift.   There are practical reasons as well.  Gift givers want to know their gifts were received. This is especially the case when ordering gifts online through wedding registries and having them delivered.  It is common courtesy to make sure the sender knows the gift was indeed received – and appreciated. 

Couples devote a lot of time and energy to planning every detail of the wedding, and attention should also be devoted to thanking friends and family.  Gifts should be acknowledged with timely, hand-written and personal thank you notes.  Thank you notes should also be sent to those who did something that helped make your wedding special. Sooner is better, and it is never too early to write a thank you note. However, it is also better to send a thank you note late, rather than thinking it is too late and never writing one at all.

Consider the following as part of your wedding planning:

• Put yourself in your guests’ shoes.  How would you feel if you sent a friend a present and he or she never mentioned receiving it and never said thank you?

• Make it personal.  A thank you card with a handwritten and personal message is far more meaningful and appreciated than a fancy, pre-printed and impersonal thank you.

• Write thank you notes a few at a time, as you receive the gifts.  Don’t wait until weeks or months after the wedding when you have all of them to do at one time.

• Make a list of your gifts and keep track of when you acknowledge each one. Years later, when you can’t remember who gave you something, you will have a record to reference.

• Send a thank you to everyone who gave you a gift and anyone else who did something that was meaningful to you.  

You can’t send too many thank you notes. Let your friends and family know you appreciate not only their gift but also being a part of your special day. Thank your vendors if they contributed to the success of your wedding celebration. You may be surprised how much people appreciate a well-written and personal thank you note. This can be your gift to your guests. You may find the thank you comes full circle when you are thanked for your thank you.

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