The Pleasant Plains Historical Society will host the annual Clayville Fall Festival this weekend. The Broadwell Inn, the oldest brick building in Sangamon County, will be open for tours. Visit the log cabins, schoolhouse and agricultural museum where blacksmiths, tinsmiths and other period artisans will demonstrate their work and you can see what life was like as an early settler in Illinois. The Whip Guy will perform his daring, high-energy show on both days and Professor Long Hair will teach some lessons about magic. The Illinois 10th Volunteer Cavalry will be on site and the cavalry’s chaplain will lead church services on Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon, Kathryn Harris will portray Harriett Tubman and tell the story of her work on the underground railroad. Craft vendors will sell their wares and activities have been planned for kids. Food will be available all weekend. Admission is $5 for adults; $3 for ages 6-12 and under age 6 is free.

Clayville Fall Festival
Sept 21-22, 9am
Clayville Historic Site
Route 125
Pleasant Plains

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