How nice is it that a band with five members each bringing decades of music-making experience to the fold has a debut performance? Members come with nicknames included, as Jeff “Drum Junkie” Bechtel (drums), Mark “Big Guy” Bott (lead vocals), Braxton “$Money$” Clark (keyboards), “Father” Hank Stoutamyer (bass) and Alex “Chi-Town” Borisov (lead guitar) come on strong with a lowball guesstimate of a combined century and a half of playing music (how does that feel guys?!) for an inaugural appearance in the newly remodeled “band” garden at the Blue Grouch Pub on Friday. Special guest 3rd Person Band kicks off the show with an hour of music before Piston Broke hits the stage as a full-fledged unit for the first time ever. Expect a wide range of classic rock and blues with a taste of country spanning four decades of popular, recorded music, as the band does songs you know, ones you’ve forgotten about and maybe even a few you’ve never heard before. Congratulations to Piston Broke for being a band!

Piston Broke
3rd Person Band
Friday, June 5, 6:30-10:30pm
Blue Grouch Pub

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