The deadline for submissions to Lincoln Memorial Garden's photography contest is approaching, but you still have time to visit the garden to capture an image which you believe best reveals its essence. Lincoln Memorial Garden is a woodland and prairie landscape with which Abraham Lincoln would have been familiar while growing up in the Midwest. It contains plants that are native to the three states where he lived – Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. Designed by internationally known landscape architect Jens Jensen, the 100-acre site features six miles of trails, footbridges, a pond, eight stone council rings and dozens of wooden benches inscribed with Lincoln quotations. The garden attracts thousands of visitors each year, including birdwatchers, photographers, artists, nature enthusiasts and schoolchildren. You can submit up to 10 photographs in any of the categories of living creatures, wildflowers, landscapes and people celebrating life at the garden. Visit the website at for contest rules and submission guidelines.

Images of Lincoln Memorial Garden
Through Friday, Aug. 28, 5 p.m.
Lincoln Memorial Garden
2301 E. Lake Shore Drive

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