You may already know the importance of keeping a first-aid kit around. Since animals are naturally curious and act on instincts, it can be lifesaving to have an emergency kit specifically for their needs, especially if you are far from home and medical care.

Many of the recommended items to keep at hand for your furry friends are also featured in household first-aid kits for humans. It's easy to purchase a general kit then add a few animal-specific items.

Look at these great tips from the United States Humane Society when creating a first-aid kit for your pet.


Your basic first-aid kits will have crucial supplies for both people and pets. Some should include: hydrogen peroxide, absorbent-gauze pads, disposable gloves and antiseptic wipes. Don't forget these pet-specific items as recommended by The Humane Society of The United States.

• Pack an animal first-aid book, with general information on how to tend to minor emergencies.

• Carry along self-cling bandages; they will adhere to itself without interfering with pet fur.

• It's important to have a muzzle or strips of cloth to prevent biting if an animal is in distress. Avoid using them if your pet is vomiting, choking or having difficulty breathing.

Important documentation

In addition to carrying the necessary supplies, you should also have important documentation about your pet. Keep a list of phone numbers featuring the veterinarian's office, nearest emergency clinic and poison-control hotline.

You should also have documents proving your pet has been properly vaccinated and a current photograph in case they become lost. Remember to keep all documentation in a waterproof container to avoid becoming damaged.


As time goes on, you will likely adjust the first-aid kit you have built. Keep a close eye on expiration dates of items like medicine or cleaning solutions. Another reason your kit will change is due to your pet aging.

As they get older, you will probably need to add additional medications. Explain your plan of building a kit to your veterinarian to find out if you can purchase extra prescriptions.

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