personal thanks poem # 4

I’m not the one hoss shay yet but
had an irate heart recently as many
IT readers know came out okey doke
now a member of the stent sister- (and
brother-) hood: pills exercise dullsville
food no-no’s but want to say this here
at Memorial ER I was swarmed over
like bot flies on a you-know-what
a most able efficient posse of pros
then barreled via wheelchair a wild
ride through halls to the cath lab (or
whatever it’s called) a team of maybe
five six swung into rapid action their
precision marvelous like a ballet each
knew exactly when and what to do
I was awake informed could have
followed the action on the nearby TV
had I known the modern art screen with
black squiggles plus varied shades of gray
was my own giblets when the surgeon stood
and I could see eyes over his mask I asked
when are you going to cut me open we
aren’t he said we’re all done it took 21
minutes to thread the stent up through
my artery latch it where it belonged had
a hospital sleepover by some grapevine
visitors trotted in my grampa died of this
how science has advanced! here I want to
sing praise to ER also give heartfelt–pun
intended–thanks to that skilled surgeon,
that perfectly coordinated team now I’m
wondering what do they do there in that
white bright room day and night waiting
for the next broken heart to come careening
in–play cribbage? play I spy with my little
eye? and stay alert to spring to action with
two minutes warning? p.s. thank you, yosh

©2016 Jacqueline Jackson

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