Oct. 23, 1933 - Feb. 1, 2019

Mom grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. She came of age as a bobbysoxer and married at age 17. The marriage of Patricia Atteberry and Lum Leach lasted more than 50 years, until his passing. It left quite the legacy of five kids, 13 grandchildren, and a crop of great-grandchildren that continues to grow. But her legacy went well beyond that. Ask her children what they remember about growing up with her and they will all say the same thing – she was always there, no matter what you needed – a hot meal, a Band-Aid or a hug – no need ever went unattended. Her legacy is unconditional love, fervent faith and wisdom laced with humor. In her later years, dementia took hold, but it could not diminish the light in her eyes when she saw someone she loved, even if she didn’t necessarily remember them. Once her daughter greeted her and asked if Mom knew who she was. Mom thought for a second and said, “How could I forget you? I love you.” She may not have remembered everything, but she never forgot how to say just the right thing. Submitted by her son, Jim Leach

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