The Springfield Art Association’s Molly Schlich Film Series continues with three screenings of the much talked about documentary Searching for Sugarman. The film, written and directed by Malik Bendjelloul and highlighted on the television series 60 Minutes, tells the story of two fans who go in search of 70s South African pop music icon Sixto Rodriguez. Seems Rodriguez, a Detroit folksinger who never broke into the big times in the U.S., did not know that his star had risen in his homeland where he had become an inspiration for generations. The last film in the Molly Schlich series is a German film, Barbara, airing on the big screen April 7 and 9.

Searching for Sugarman
Sunday, Mar. 24, 1pm and 4pm
Tuesday, Mar. 26, 7pm
AMC Parkway 8
3025 Lindbergh Boulevard

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