Springfield’s newest contemporary and experimental art gallery, DEMO Project, debuts with an exhibit by Chicago sculptor Betsy Odom. The opening reception is Friday, Sept. 13. Odom’s exhibit, Bulldog, consists of three-dimensional objects made from leather, fabric, paint, wood and silver using a vast array of techniques such as tooling, sewing, airbrushing, woodworking and metalworking. The artist’s pieces speak, often humorously, to trends and stereotypes. Odom teaches at Columbia College Chicago and has a master’s of fine arts from Yale University. DEMO Project is located in the Springfield Art Association craft house, once occupied by Edwards Place caretakers. The space is run and funded by volunteers Brad Balster, Shane Harris, Judah Johnson, Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson, all local contemporary artists who are also affiliated with the UIS Visual Arts program. The building is on loan from SAA, which has plans to demolish it at a future date to erect its new ceramics and glass blowing facility.

DEMO Project Gallery Opening and Exhibit Reception
Friday, Sept. 13, 6-9pm
DEMO Project
732 N. Fourth Street

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