Terrain Biennial is an international exhibition of site-specific art made for front yards, empty lots, balconies and porches. Artists repurpose those private spaces and turn them into public exhibition spaces to foster dialogue between neighbors and to also offer new perspectives for artists and viewers alike to experience. Over 30 locations throughout the world will host Terrain Biennial 2019, including Springfield’s Enos Park neighborhood where the work of local and national artists will be featured at 20 sites. Terrain Exhibitions, Springfield Art Association and the Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association are sponsoring the opening celebration and exhibition. The celebration will feature self-guided tours of sites in the neighborhood and live music. The Springfield Art Association will serve as the central hub for the celebration where site maps will be available and food trucks will be on hand. Free. terrainexhibitions.org.

Terrain Biennial
Oct 5, 3-7pm Sat
Springfield Art Association
700 N. Fourth St.

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