click to enlarge The Wanderers 5 play cool old country and classic 1950s and 60s songs at Guitars & Cadillacs this Saturday.
The Wanderers 5 play cool old country and classic 1950s and 60s songs at Guitars & Cadillacs this Saturday.

As we slip-slide our way into February of 2020, let's take a look at the entertainment coming our way this week, including those who give others an opportunity to perform on stage.

I'm referring to those odd little things called open mics or open jams happening on the off days of our ever-flourishing music scene. I know of at least three open mics ongoing for years and a couple more that are going steady with no signs of stopping. As I've stated here before, these events that offer all comers a chance to get up on the stage (or a reasonable facsimile thereof), are a boon to our overall scene, acting as a proving ground or a practice space, shall we say, that give aspiring artists a leg up onto the weekend whirlwind of big gigs.

While we are praising the open mics (and the hardworking hosts who usually play a little and organize a lot), let's also give credit to those creatures of caricature, karaoke performers. Much ballyhooed by some, the chance to get up and sing through a sound system to pre-recorded music of popular songs with their lyrics projected on a screen is a weekly honor very much beloved by many. More than a few local lead singers have been "discovered" at karaoke nights and there will be more, so deservedly, these ubiquitous events should be included in this discussion of places you can go to practice your burgeoning talents in public.

That being said, check out the regular listed open mics and karaoke nights at your pleasure and leisure and take a gander at these special ones coming up this week. On Thursday night (7-10), Buzz Bomb Brewing Company presents Sirens of Springfield, a very selective open mic hosted by Jessica Cloyd that's open to female performers only. All genders are welcome to attend, but "women only on the mic" are invited to do "any kind of art" including "music, poetry, dance, whatever you'd like to perform," making this a unique and interestingly organized open stage. On Tuesday night (7-10), Buzz Bomb presents another special talent-displaying event when the Writers and Spoken Word Artists of Springfield hosts this month's Bards & Brews a few weeks ahead of schedule. In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day, you're invited to bring a favorite romantic poem to dedicate to a special someone to be read by a local bard of your choice. Or simply attend to hear our area writers perform works of their own making based on "longing," the chosen theme for February. Here's yet another different type of open mic with this one happening on Saturday night (7-10) at Abundant Faith Christian Center's Outer Park Campus (listed on Facebook as AFCC-OP). It's titled a "Spoken Word and Talent Night" where all are welcome to present "Christ Centered and neutral content" while providing one more opportunity for latent talents to rise and shine.

In the "more" department, Friday night is a winner with Captain Geech marching into the Curve, Bluesmattics doing the Dew, Brandon Santini sliding into Third Base and Pop Njnas dancing off at the Blue Grouch, along with a special Dan Rivero Band, featuring longtime Springfield musicians John Crisp, Ada Lou and Frank Parker, driving it at Motorheads. Saturday night is no slouch either, with Go Tsunami! swamping the Blue Grouch, Square of the Roots rockin' George Ranks, the Wanders 5 wandering into Guitars & Cadillacs, myself with the Hey Ladies dropping at Anvil & Forge, Casey Cantrall killing it at Motorheads and NATU Band flying into the Crows


Until we meet again on the page...

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