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Old School Dropouts

Look out world, here come the Old School Dropouts, a new band formed by Springfield music scene veterans to play “old school” rock. First imagined as a rock power trio in 2011 with Dan Luparell (guitar), Jim Engel (drums) and Mike Paoni (bass), the three-man OSD covered a range of popular rock, punk and blues numbers by the likes of The Who, Rush, Green Day, Nirvana, Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore. Expanding in the fall of 2012 by bringing the talented Brian Curtis (keyboards) into the mix, the band evolved as an instrumentally skilled quartet, all capable of solid lead vocals and impressive four-part harmonies. The experienced foursome added covers by bands in the prog-rock arena such as, Genesis, Kansas and Yes, plus all around classic rockers Edgar Winter, Deep Purple, the Tubes and ELO. Pre-OSD configurations put Dan and Mike in Strange Brew and Jim and Brian in Secret Society and the Oohs, with Jim currently drumming for Hurricane Ruth and Brian with Debbie Ross Band, Harmony Deep and The Aspect.

Old School Dropouts
Saturday, Jan. 26, 8pm-12am
Boar’s Nest, Athens

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