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Ol’ Red Shed

Sometime in 2006 Kristofer “Coondog” Kunzeman (guitar, lead vocals) looked to memories of his granddad’s traditional country and bluegrass band for inspiration after the demise of his latest metal/punk group. Fellow bandmate David Lawson got a doghouse bass and soon Quincy Watson joined on mandolin to help build the Ol’ Red Shed. Area pickers such as Luke Turasky, Brad Alan and Mike Smith sat in until the current lineup of John Crowe (banjo) and Dan Grover (lap steel, guitar) solidified, with Josh Parr (fiddle) as a frequent guest. Undertones of metal and punk laced through the trad-country sounds evolving into what Coondog calls “Riverbilly Barncore” to let folks know “pop country crap ain’t what this is about” and to pay homage to their Mississippi River roots. After getting substantial Internet radio airplay, the group signed with Josh Nutting’s fledgling Solitary Records of Chicago to release Country Fury as the band’s first record. Future plans include a Norb’s show on Aug. 20, songwriting for the next record and touring when possible.

Ol’ Red Shed w/ Last False Hope and
Owen Mays &
The 80 Proof Boys
Sat, July 30, 9pm
Trading Post Saloon
CD release party

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