when I was a wisconsin kid we
celebrated lincoln's birthday and
washington's birthday on separate
holidays memorial day labor day were
holidays too and on november 11 at
11 am we stood at our desks for
three minutes of silence for ww1
armistice which occurred before our
births of course we were off classes
for christmas, new years, easter – we
studied u.s.history in 8th grade, 12th
memorized the gettysburg address –
back on the farm an indian laborer
looked like anyone else so I didn't
know; scandinavian workers we had
two a year they talked with a lilt; a
black routeman andy delivered cottage
cheese cream butter to blacks whites
alike: our town had one chinese family
they took our milk we ate chow mien
at their shop – yes, we did learn much
in school and out involving our history
culture but never a word about juneteenth
its significance, my ignorance: now a most
honored national remembrance, holiday!

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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