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A small town with a big festival, Assumption Fest, held June 27-29 in the town of Assumption, has activities to rival larger venues. Only 40-45 minutes from Springfield, highlights are Thursday’s many pageant contests for all ages and a multi-category pet contest; ongoing chainsaw demos; Macon Speedway show car; Solution Action Sports BMX stunt show at 1, 4 and 6 p.m. on Sat. performing bike tricks to music and providing bike safety tips and T-shirts; bands Big Shake Daddies, Maiden Dixie Band and The Shake; large parade at 11 a.m. on Sat. with afternoon volleyball, washer and water ball tournaments; historical reenactments; flea market and more. There’s also regular fair fare -- Little Egypt carnival, tractor pull, 11 food vendors and more. Bleachers and chairs are available for seating or you can bring your own. An impressive 132-page book that lists the entire schedule is available at locations in Assumption, Taylorville and surrounding locations. And like admission, the book is free. Only the beer tent has an admission charge says Angie Ohl-Marsters, fest president and 30-year volunteer.

Assumption Fest
Thursday, June 27, 6-11pm
Friday, June 28, 5-11pm
Saturday, June 29, 8am-12am
Downtown Assumption

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