Painting by Monica Zanetti

In a normal year, the Twilight Parade would be kicking off the Illinois State fair tonight, but 2020 has already been anything but normal. COVID-19 cancelled the Fair for the first time since World War II, affecting everything from agriculture to nonprofits who rely on revenue from working the gates and Grandstand. In this issue, we examine the ripple effects of not having a fair, plus offer some suggestions for how to enjoy fair activities on your own.

Cover: Monica Zanetti's paintings and mixed-media artworks are colorful and vibrant. She's inspired by impressionism and pop art. Her subjects include powerful women such as Frida Khalo and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Drawing from her Latina heritage, her work also features Mexican culture, such as the Day of the Dead. Zanetti lives in Springfield with her husband, two children and a menagerie of pets, including a bearded dragon. She owns Wild Rose, an artisan boutique in downtown Springfield that features handmade wares from area artists and artisans. Her passions include activism, especially around the women's movement, and supporting other artists.

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