Named after a well-traveled country blacktop south of Springfield, New City Road likes to mix it up with the audience, combining showmanship and comradeship of the band to reach listeners and bring the music home. They stay current on the scene, constantly learning new top 40 country songs to mix in with the modern classics. Considered by many as one of the area’s finest female country vocalists, Aley Mundstock leads the way on stage, supported by Ryan King (guitar, banjo) and surrounded by veterans of the local music circuit, Harry Lounsberry (keys, vocals), Chris Harris (bass, vocals), Mike Webb (guitar, fiddle, pedal steel, vocals) and Max Harris (drums, vocals). Sponsored by corporate giants Budweiser and Valvoline, as well as being the chosen house band for radio station 101.9 FM, The Wolf, the group sets the tone for quality new country done with style, grit, taste and twang. Up-and-coming country artist Rylie Bourne opens the show at 7 p.m.

New City Road
Sat., June 27, 9pm
Pawnee Prairie Days

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