New business casual for men

Ditch the suit and tie and upgrade your style

Men's casual fashion is evolving and starting to take over the workplace. Trendy style and comfort are replacing the traditional starchy dress shirt, suit and tie. "The new business kind of dress has been either a nice pair of casual pants or some really nice dressy jeans, a sport coat and a sport shirt," says Marc Maslauski, owner of Jim Herron Ltd. "That's been the guy who used to wear the suit and tie – what he's been wearing now."

One of the biggest trends in the world of men's casual wear are dress pants that look and wear like jeans. "Guys like pants that both look great and feel great," says Maslauski. "A lot of guys are switching to dress pants with a low-rise cut of the waist. They feel more like jeans but still have that tapered leg design of dress pants." They feel and wear like jeans, but look more dressed up – and come in a wide variety of fabrics to complement the season.

Stylish dress jeans are also seeing a rise in business casual popularity. However, it's important to know the difference between daily casual jeans and dress jeans. If you're going to wear jeans in a business casual environment, make sure they are dark, fitted, free of any sort of distressing, and hemmed to the proper length.

"We're starting to see more people want to get dressed up again, believe it or not," says Maslauski. "Hopefully that's a good sign for things moving forward." –Joseph Copley

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