This band lineup of Jessica Dooley (vocals, guitar), Chris Harris (bass, vocals), Allan Harris (guitar, vocals), Josh Hutchison (guitar, vocals) and Tim Lynn (drums) is tearing up the place wherever they go with years of stage experience and heartfelt emotion driving the good stuff home. You can tell when the musicians in a band are having fun with each other, then the good energy spreads into the crowd and NCR provides the fun and the energy when the songs start flowing and flying. Sponsored by the ubiquitous and universal Bud Light, the group gets the good gigs and is good at them, bringing lots of music variety including country, pop and rock with a few surprises too, all founded in fun brought to you by an abundance of talent.

Saturday, Aug. 10, 9pm
Sunday, Aug. 11, 1pm
Sunday, Aug. 18, 5pm
Illinois State Fair
Bud Light Tent

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