Call it the Lord Voldemort rule. Without uttering the name of Adam Lopez, disgraced former school board member, the Springfield school board on Monday approved policy changes to prevent another trainwreck that was the Adam Lopez Country Financial Basketball Tournament. While on the school board, Lopez in 2015 established the tournament at Lanphier High School, where his name and his employer’s name were plastered on signs in the gym and outside the school. After Lopez last year got arrested on suspicion of ripping off clients – he’s still in the hoosegow awaiting trial – the district removed the signs and spent $26,000 on an auditor who found that tournament books were such a mess that it was impossible to determine whether money was missing. Among shockers in the audit report was a finding that Lopez had taken the tournament cash box home each night absent a proper accounting and recording of its contents. Under rule changes approved by the board this week, no board member or elected official or candidate for elected office can have their name put on any district facility or events held on district property. “Those issues have been dealt with, but I think we can all agree we don’t want them to come up again,” said board member Scott McFarland.

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