More money for Edwards in mayoral contest

Challenger leads incumbent in money race

Frank Edwards today reported receiving $23,000 in contributions in Springfield’s mayoral campaign.

The donations reported today put Edwards, who is challenging incumbent Jim Langfelder, far ahead in the money race, according to the latest disclosure reports filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections. This week alone, Edwards has received more than $56,500 as the April 2 election draws near.

Edwards received his latest cash today from five donors, according to disclosure reports. The biggest chunk, $8,000, came from the campaign account of his wife Cinda Edwards, who is Sangamon County coroner. A political committee affiliated with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 965 contributed $7,500, a committee tied to the Union Labor Life Insurance Company gave $5,000 and a political committee of Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters contributed $1,500. On Tuesday, Edwards reported receiving $2,500 from an International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399 committee. On Saturday, Edwards reported receiving more than $31,000

All told, Edwards has raised at least $130,500, an amount that doesn’t include contributions of less than $1,000 received since Jan. 1. Langfelder, according to campaign disclosure reports, has received slightly more than $90,000.

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