Monica and Josie are heading back to Memphis to participate in the annual International Blues Challenge competition, bringing their own brand of blues highlighted by a special blend of guitar playing and vocal harmonies. Last year the terrific two reached the semi-finals representing our Illinois Central Blues Club, and this year they head south as winners of the Prairie Crossroads Blues Club out of Champaign-Urbana. Since the cost of the trip is paid for by the artists and includes four days of lodging, food and quite possibly some drinks, Saturday’s show is considered a fundraiser to help the darling duo make their way down the old Double Nickel interstate to the home of Beale Street and the blues. Included in the night’s entertainment at Norb’s are other area blues sister duos Mary Jo Curry and Lori Krenzinger (Radio Twist), along with Brooke Thomas and Shayla Logan (Sugar and Spice). The PCBC also hosts a fundraiser on Jan. 10 in C-U at Bentley’s Pub on Neil Street. Good luck, girls!

Monica Morris & Josie Lowder
Saturday, Dec. 27, 7:30-11pm
Norb Andy’s Tabarin
Candlelight fundraiser

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