This band of brothers in style and substance hail from the St. Louis area and play regularly in the metro scene and surrounding towns. We welcome them for a New Year's Eve show and hope they bring their groovy grooves and danceable sounds back to Central Illinois real soon. Mojo Universe expands into all kinds of cool blues-related songs including straight up, get down blues classics, adventures in rock and R&B, plus a smattering of originals, including the ever-popular, "Every Woman Loves an Automobile" and the always requested, "Exotic Dancer Girls." The well-seasoned bunch of music-making men include Tom O'Connell (keyboards, vocals, band booking), C.W. Wright (guitars), Mike Burnside (bass, vocals) and Ed Brown (drums, vocals) with guest musicians and singers often sitting in supporting the fine tradition of musicians playing together for entertainment and enjoyment. Dig this music; it's the good stuff done well. As one Facebook fan wrote, "This is the best band in the USA," and who are we to argue?

Mojo Universe

Dec. 31,Tuesday, 9 p.m.

Main Gate Bar & Grill

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