click to enlarge Levi Tucker plays West of Wise Winery's Foddershock Festival near Petersburg, this Saturday, 1-3 p.m.
Levi Tucker plays West of Wise Winery's Foddershock Festival near Petersburg, this Saturday, 1-3 p.m.

Centuries ago we might say, "Welcome to the Ides of October," but that seems a little confusing since we aren't Romans. So since "ides" means basically the middle of the month, let's stick with "mid" and find out what's going on around here.

I'm sure our on-the-ball readers remember a band based out of Springfield called The Graduate, who in the mid-2000s did respectably well in the busy and beguiling indie-emo market. Two ex-Grad members, Max Sauer and Tim Moore, along with the addition of Chris Rhein, created a "synth-pop trio" called Starwolf in early 2016 and they're releasing their latest recorded concoction, "Astro Lobo," this Friday, available online and on vinyl. The intrepid threesome already garnered a good review in American Songwriter magazine, plus released three singles from the EP that happened to be co-produced by the hip and cool Jason Kingsland (Washed Out, Deerhunter, Band of Horses). The first single, Bad Feeling, features Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, Black Crowes, Empire of the Sun) on bass and also is set to a very awesome animated video on YouTube. It's always good to see local folks kickin' out the jams and even better when they're receiving national recognition for their efforts. So get out there and get into supporting these guys with a listen and a purchase, if so inclined.

Friday looks good this week, but Saturday is outstanding with several shows lined up that will make you wish you could be in 14 places at once. Let's start with the annual Foddershock Festival held out at West of Wise Winery just this side of Petersburg on Route 97. The family friendly winery just happens to be owned and operated by a friendly family with a hankering for having a good time, making fine wine and celebrating it all well. Live music comes from Jacksonville singer-songwriter Levi Tucker (1-3 p.m.), who with influences from the likes of Guy Clark and Todd Snider brings a profound and impacting thoughtfulness to his art, and Gracia Harrison (3-5 p.m.), who is also a singer-songwriter from central Illinois who made it big time on "The Voice" TV show and continues to follow her heart in making her music sing.

Look who's back in the saddle again as the venerable Groove Daddies grace Skip's soundstage at the Curve Inn on Saturday night. You won't find a more revered and respected band in town, as the GDs come at you with several of our finest and longest running rockin' musicians including founding members Jeff Kornfeld and Gary Bloom. As stated on their Facebook "about" section, all the guys in the band have lived through and played with an assortment of area bands that make up our local "rocklore," so if you really want to know something about one of these long players or their history, "just come up to him at a show and ask him what he remembers" and see how that story goes.

If you're looking for live-streamed online music on Saturday night, check out this month's edition of host Chris Vallillo's Hickory RIdge Virtual Concert with Crystal and Pete Damore as the award-winning duo, Ordinary Elephant, on Facebook and YouTube at 7. The family that plays together stays together, and this married couple of musicians have created a wonderful aesthetic, basing their thoughtful songs on a firm musical foundation of clawhammer banjo and acoustic guitar laced with sweet vocal harmonies to produce a sound that's "as genuine as it gets," according to legendary Texas producer and musician, Lloyd Maines.

Well that's all I got room for now, but you obviously need not beware the Ides of October.

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